Training in machining materials at the Mechanical Engineering School

Milara recently concluded an intensive training program in collaboration with the Mechanical Engineering School in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This specialized program focused on enhancing skills in machining materials, CNC turning, and milling machining, catering to industry professionals and students keen on advancing their knowledge in precision engineering.

The training, conducted in three comprehensive modules, was developed to equip participants with practical insights and hands-on experience in key areas of mechanical engineering. Participants benefitted from expert instruction and guidance from seasoned professionals from both Milara and our esteemed partners, Vimax SD.

A significant highlight of the program was the presentation of certificates to all participants upon successful completion of the training. Moreover, in an effort to empower participants further, a session was conducted on leveraging these certificates effectively to enhance their resumes and career prospects. The participants received valuable insights on crafting compelling CVs tailored for roles in the competitive engineering sector.

Milara remains committed to nurturing talent and fostering industry partnerships that contribute to the growth of the engineering community. This successful collaboration underscores the company’s dedication to supporting educational initiatives that empower individuals with the tools they need to succeed in the dynamic field of mechanical engineering.