Milara international was established in 2006. Together with our headquaters – Milara, Inc. USA we have a long history of developing automation designs serving the needs of the semiconductor, automotive, and medical industries. It is recognized as a leading international provider of wafer automation solutions for global top tier customers in USA, Europe, and Asia. The company`s portfolio includes but it is not limited to the design and manufacturing of high technology wafer handling tools such as Equipment Front End Modules (EFEM), Wafer Handlers, Sorters, Robots, Prealigners and many more. On top of that, Milara Inc. offers high precision CNC machining services, complex manufacturing automation solutions, and contract mechanical design.  Milara’s long-standing experience in robotics and mechatronics can satisfy any customer requirement for production automation. What stands as a competitive advantage for Milara is the vertically integrated production system which ensures tightly controlled production processes and uncompromised final product quality. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering products and services which exceed clients` expectations. Milara`s core values of determination, commitment, production quality, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and teamwork are the main engine of the company`s operations.


EV Manufacturing
In 2019, Milara International entered the electric vehicle market, and later in partnership with Sevic designed a new model of electric car.
ISO certificate
From 2018, Milara International operates the highest class of integrated work environment safety system certified by ISO.
Factory expansion
In 2017 Milara International expands its production plant by nearly 4000 sq.m.
European Union projects
From 2012 to 2014, Milara International won several projects for facility modernization funded by the European Regional Development Fund.
Establishment of Milara International
Milara International was founded in 2006 as a branch of Milara Inc. USA.


Energy neutrality through clean energy

Energy neutrality through clean energy

Direction Arrows
Full automation and nano technologies

Full automation and nano technologies

Direction Arrows
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning




At Milara International we offer not only machining of your parts. We offer the full range of engineering services that can build your business from its foundations to the top of the market.

Our engineering teams are specially selected by highly qualified staff with experience and knowledge of how to realize ideas. Whether it is a prototype for your idea, a new machine, the development of a new module to existing equipment or its automation, you can rely on our engineering department.


The final assembly and packaging of the robots and the machines is carried out in a modernly equipped area of 2000 sq.m. Each separate area has LCD monitors showing drawings and models of the assembled product, which gives guidance to the assemblers in mounting each detail. The assembly areas are equipped with the most modern instruments, measuring equipment and machines.


Milara International is proud of its production departments, made up of the best machines on the market, bringing unmatched production speed and manufacturing accuracy. We specialize in the precise production of metal parts. The two machine shops are equipped with Japanese Mazak machines and are located on an area of 2800 sq.m.

Quality control

Each product manufactured by Milara International goes through several stages of control before reaching the customer. The department for technological control is equipped with modern measuring equipment, which monitors the implementation of the technological and quality indicators of the finished products. Milara is ISO 9001: 2015 certified with an implemented quality management system. Behind every product manufactured by Milara International is a quality report, obtained after numerous inspections on specific indicators.

Testing area

We do not compromise on quality – all machines manufactured by Milara International undergo 72-hour tests and other specific procedures to ensure that their quality meets the requirements for each of our products. The tests are conducted in a special area located on an area of 955 sq.m. Equipped with the necessary tools and stations, our specialists have developed software for complete testing, as all data is stored and examined, to improve production.


Milara International has had a software department for several years. Our team is composed of experienced software engineers, young and talented programmers who are familiar with the hardware and software specifics of the machines we manufacture. We develop software products with our own framework for automation to personalized software solutions for microcontrollers and systems.

Coding programmer, digital software technology developer or software engineer working on laptop computer programming code on screen with mobile smart phone on table,


The warehouse of Milara International is spread over an area of 1800 sq.m. It is divided into four different sections: for materials, for tools and two for finished products – for machines and machine elements. We maintain a wide range of materials and spare parts for the machines we manufacture so that we can respond quickly to the needs of our customers.