We have a lot of experience in designing and manufacturing solutions for process automation in semiconductor industry. Our Equipment Front End Module (EFEM) and small wafer systems (SWS) are used by the biggest names in microchips and processors production. We offer design and development of production lines and modules for processes automation.

Milara International has over 15 years of experience in wafer handling robots used in semiconductor industry for microchip production. We mass produce standardized robot models, and offer custom individual designs developed by our engineering team. Our innovative design and proven quality can meet the needs for any wafer process automation.

Our latest investment are commercial electric vehicles. Milara has a joint venture with Sevic in development and production of a new model lightweight electric truck with advanced technologies and improved performance. We have a production line allowing mass production that meets high quality standards. The new models of compact electric trucks will be able to integrate with fleet management software and have longer range on a single charge.