Milara’s new Solar Plant installation – a step towards carbon neutrality

Solar energy has become one of the most promising solutions for a sustainable and green future. In line with this, Milara has recently installed a solar plant on the rooftop of the factory located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This installation is a major step towards creating a sustainable production site and reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Leading the industry and the region by creating a sustainable production site with generation 130% of our energy needs

The solar plant has the capacity to generate 725 kW in peak performance which is 130% of the Milara’s energy needs. This means that not only will the factory be able to meet its own power requirements but also have excess energy to spare, thus ensuring sustainable expansion in the future. The solar plant is built with highly efficient solar modules capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, securing uninterrupted energy production.
This is a significant achievement and sets a new standard for the industry and the region.

One of the cornerstones of Milara’s strategy to become carbon neutral

Milara’s decision to install a solar plant on its rooftop is one of the cornerstones of its strategy to become carbon neutral. Our company recognizes the importance of taking action to protect the environment and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. This installation is a clear indication of our commitment to sustainability and the efforts to reduce the environmental impact.

Future company facilities will continue the trend of sustainability and Carbon Neutral environment

Milara plans to continue this trend of sustainability and carbon neutrality in future company facilities. The company is taking the responsibility of protecting the environment seriously and will continue to invest in sustainable solutions to minimize its impact on the planet.

Milara is not only committed to its customers, but takes the responsibility very seriously to protect our environment.

The company’s steps to sustainability and clean energy are not limited to its own operations but they also extend to the customers as well. Milara is committed to providing its customers with the best automation solutions and products. And by generating 130% of the company’s power needs, we are able to ensure that our products are manufactured with clean and renewable energy. This not only reduces the carbon footprint but also offers our customers products manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner. This way Milara is contributing to the sustainable development of its customers’ operations, which is in line with our goal of creating a sustainable future for the whole industry.