Milara and Sevic opened EV laboratory in Mechanical Engineering School in Plovdiv

Thanks to the sponsorship of Milara and Sevic Innovation, on 30.05.24, a laboratory for Electric vehicles was opened at the Professional High School of Mechanical Engineering /PGM/ in Plovdiv. The event was attended by Tanya Mihailova, Acting Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Atanas Kunchev – Mayor of the “South” region, representatives of business and educational institutions. A 15-minute music and dance program delighted the guests right from the start.

“We need a qualified workforce and we really believe that educated people live better,” stated the company’s managing director, Radoslav Makaveev, regarding the creation of our laboratory in PGM.

“We are opening a complex of laboratories that will enable our current and future students to be more motivated to study science, to study technology. Why laboratories and not workshops? Because this is high-tech equipment. It cannot be a workshop, it can only be a laboratory. This complex is a real and vivid example of the public-private partnership between businesses in the Thrace Economic Zone and the state,” said Eng. Kiril Saksanov, director of PGM. He added that with the new acquisition, students reconcile theory with practice and thus gain insight first person for the industry.
In her welcome speech, the Deputy Minister Tanya Mihailova pointed out that she has witnessed how many years schools have been left aside from the business itself. “I want to congratulate Trakia Economic Zone for working together with the PGM. I’m glad to be part of the team that developed the list of threatened occupations, with occupations expected to be in short supply in the labor market, because it gave these schools a breath of fresh air. If the business supports a school, then it does this adequately to the requirements of the labor market,” said the deputy minister.