Future engineers visited Milara’s factory in Plovdiv

Students learn how Millara EFEMs, Integrated Systems and wafer handling robots help make microchips and processors

During the last few months, with the help of our partners from the Educational-Industrial Board and the Bauersachs Foundation, as part of the Early Career Development project, the Milara plant in Plovdiv was visited by nearly 50 students divided into 4 groups. Children from Primary Schools Zahari Stoyanov, Raina Knyaginya and High School of Mechanical Engineering learned how Milara’s robots and machines are involved in the production of microchips and processors. During the tour, Milara engineers demonstrated the entire cycle of processes for the production of a robot, EFEM and Sorter for wafer handling – from the fabrication of the details to the final assembly and test. The students had the opportunity to see and ride the electric trucks, which are also produced at the Milara plant.

This year, we plan to continue the initiative so that more and more young people can get to know the electronics, robotics and semiconductor industry in Bulgaria. In doing so, we hope to ignite the spark that will make the future generation pursue a career as an engineer.