H5 wafer handling robot

Single arm
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Manufactured by Milara Inc. USA and designed by Logosol Inc. USA


The Diamond H5 series vacuum robots represent a significant engineering advancement in the design and reliability of wafer handling equipment.

Benefiting from technologically superior components, the robots utilize ultra low inertia, high-response brushless servomotors coupled with zero-backlash Harmonic Drive® gears to achieve greatly enhanced dexterity and precision.

The innovative, all-in-one design incorporates the motion controller, servo amplifiers, and power supply within the robot’s industry standard footprint.

High-strength structural members enable mounting on either top or bottom surface of flange without compromising system rigidity.

Networkable RS-485 and Ethernet interfaces complement the standard RS-232 and teach pendant connections.

Powerful native wafer handling and scripting languages facilitate rapid software development for embedding the robots into an OEM application environment.

Comprehensive emulation of legacy robot “macro” commands offers a drop-in compatibility with a wide variety of existing semiconductor tools.

  • Modular and highly customizable design
  • Fully integrated motion controller, servo amplifiers and power supply
  • High response brushless motors and precise zero-backlash
  • Harmonic Drive® gears
  • Standard RS-232 interface and Ethernet (Telnet) interfaces to the host computer
  • Advanced 32-bit real-time motion control kernel
  • Powerful wafer handling firmware
  • Comprehensive software tools and utilities
  • Software emulation for legacy robot macro commands
  • Optional teach pendant terminal
  • General purpose digital inputs and outputs for custom use
  • Reliability – MTBF > 60,000 hours