Milara is building new factory for Electric Vehicles in Plovdiv, Bulgria

Milara International is set to invest $22 million in a new plant located in the Trakia Economic Zone, where it plans to manufacture electric vehicles, specifically small cargo vehicles with alternative drives. The CEO, Krasimir Petkov, revealed on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria that the factory aims to produce up to 10,000 cars by mid-year, with a total investment of $60 million in vehicle development. The company’s focus markets include Israel, France, Italy, Germany, and the USA, with a particular interest in electric trucks for logistics. Despite being a company initially engaged in robotics and semiconductor production, Milara is now venturing into environmentally friendly transportation, driven by Bulgarian engineers. The new plant near Plovdiv is expected to be operational by April, contributing to Bulgaria’s growing interest in the field of electromobility, with educational initiatives and a focus on developing talent in the country. Mr Petkov envisions a future where Bulgaria becomes a hub for skilled professionals who, having gained experience abroad, return to contribute to the country’s business and infrastructure development.

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