KARMET Servalo 1530-40TN

Bending and cutting

KARMET CNC Electric Servo presses are a new generation of eco-friendly machines combining flexibility, reliability and high precision. SERVALO presses ensure low electricity consumption, require less maintenance and do not use hydraulic oil in operation. The innovative KARMET servo press is equipped with a modern touch controller, fast and accurate knife and die grip, multi-axis back stop. The easy-to-use modern control allows the operator to obtain perfect metal parts at a very low cost. Up to 50% energy saving, very low annual maintenance, no frame distortion due to O-type design, precise working results, low noise, no change in bending results even after a long period of operation.
Tools can be changed extremely quickly. Professional design allows easy positioning of tools. Vertical and horizontal mounting and dismounting for maximum speed and safety. The operator has maximum control over the vertical tolerance during bending.


• Lenze Серво мотори
• Mitsubishi мотори за заден упор
• ESA 19” 3D Графичен контролер със сензорен екран
• Заден упор с X – R оси
• Европейски тип V матрици
• Европейски тип горни ножове
• Ел. табло със система за охлаждане
• Предни опори с линейни водачи 2 броя
• Предна и Задна защита в съответствие с СЕ (Akas, Sick, ETC)
• Държачи за инструментите и Система за захващане Promecam
• Педал с бутон за авариен стоп в съответствие с СЕ