Milara International - Facilities

To provide unsurpassed service for its clients, Milara International’s departments work together, synchronizing their activities to achieve high standards of all of the company’s products.

Integrated Control and Safety Systems

In Milara International the following control systems for production quality control and work health are integrated: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 и OHSAS 18001:2007


Our administration department is situated on an area of 2286 sq.m, with modern interior and functional premises. The staff here is responsible for sending and receiving documents, customer inquiries, logistics, accounting and more.


Milara International is proud of its manufacturing departments, comprised of the best machines on the market, with unparalleled production speeds and manufacturing precision. The two machine shops are equipped with Japanese Mazak machines and are situated on an area of 2800 sq.m.


Milara International's Engineering Department is devided into three teams which are responsible for making your ideas reality: Design Engineers; CNC Engineers; Software Developers.


The final assembly and packaging of the robots is carried out in a modernly equipped area of 2000 sq.m.

Quality Control

Every product produced in Milara International passes through several stages of control before reaching the customer. The Quality Control Department is equipped with modern measuring equipment, which allows us to monitor all aspects of the technological process and quality indicators to provide our customers with products up to their quality standards We trust the staff in Quality Control. Behind every product produced by Milara International, there is a quality report obtained after multiple checks in all levels of manufacturing based on designated indicators.


The warehouse of Milara International is situated in an area of 1800 sq.m. It is divided into four different sections: for materials, for tools and two for finished products - for machines and mechanical elements.


Quality for us is uncompromising - all machines manufactured by Milara International undergo 72-hour tests and other specific procedures to make sure their quality meets the requirements for each of our products. The tests are conducted in a specially designated area of 955 sq.m. Equipped with the necessary tools and stations, our specialists have developed comprehensive testing software, with all the data being stored and studied to improve production.