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Tesa Visio 300 - 1 pc.

Tesa Visio 300

With the new step taken by TESA with the introduction of their TESA-SCAN product family for non-contact measurement, the need for developing TESA-VISIO like systems as a further contribution to quality control appears as the next logical step to the company. So to complement, extend and enhance this product line, TESA have engineered a new line of high precision machines, including the innovative TESA-VISIO 300 available today in three different models. Each model comes equipped with a 300 x 200 mm coordinate stage.

Measuring spans X/Y (mm) 300x200
Measuring span Z (mm) 150
X/Y Accuracy at 20°C 3+10.L/1000
Z Accuracy at 20°C 3+2.L/100
Encoder Resolution(X/Y/Z) 0,05 µm
Maximum Perm. Load 16kg


  • Real time inspection up to the subpixel using the mouse.
  • Point and click programming.
  • Automatic edge detection – Eliminates positioning uncertainty resulting from the use of the crossline graticule while enhancing the machine velocity and repeatability.
  • Acquisition of a higher number of points to make the measurement of form and shape deviations even more accurate.
  • Importation and use of CAD files (various formats).
  • Off-line programming.
  • Simple programme sequences.
  • Reverse engineering together with export option in CAD format.
  • Automatic recognition of used magnification without the need for the user to recalibrate the objective inside a programming process.