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Discovery II D-28 - 1 pc.

Discovery II D-28

Measuring Span X(mm) 762
Measuring Span Y(mm) 1016
Measuring Span Z(mm) 609
Maximum Perm. Load(kg) 680
Linear Accuracy(Range Full Travel) X 0.005mm
Linear Accuracy(Range Full Travel) Y 0.007mm
Linear Accuracy(Range Full Travel) Z 0.004mm


  • Precision drive systems controlling all three axes, plus hardened linear guides and recirculating bearings, provide longlived, reliable inspection even in harsh shop-floor conditions.
  • Light-weight bellows and covers protect machine components while minimizing friction for smooth-running, precise performance.
  • Rugged, vibration resistant base made from a single polymer casting
  • Elastomeric dampers further isolate the DISCOVERY II from vibrations caused by machine tools and other heavy equipment.
  • The roll-around stand makes it easy to move DISCOVERY II where it’s needed for maximum shop-floor efficiency.